Monday, April 18, 2011

Typographic Chair

I've always loved typography--it just makes me happy. That's how I usually decide what trends or pet projects I'll bring into my home--the ones to put a smile in my heart, so I decided to add a little surprise to the seat of this chair. I started with a used Ikea Windsor chair that I had picked up for $5. I liked the classic lines and patina it already had, so I only had to add my detail and it would be finished. That's my kind of project.

First, I sanded the seat just a little (black paint can be tricky because sanding can actually make it look gray, so approach with a light hand).  I chose my stencil and grabbed some spare gray paint from my garage.  I just kind of dabbed on the paint and worked with it till it looked about right

I like things to look worn, not crafted, so I rubbed those smudgy edges down a little with sand paper again.

Now every time I sit down to my computer, I get to sit here.  And it's only going to get better with age.

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