Friday, April 15, 2011

Updating a Vintage Stool

My friend Jenny came over yesterday with this darling little trunk she had picked up for only $2.  The question:  How could we update it without compromising it's charm?  The answer:  accent it with creamy white.  There's a fine line between authentic and tired, so for this piece, we left the best part, the upholstery, and we updated the worn top and scuffed legs.


We added two coats of paint to the legs and covered the top with some soft creamy white fabric--a simple fix and a big transformation.



  1. Wow, Dani, your blog is really happening!
    I love the mix of clients, neighbors, lifestyle, food, design. I love love the pictures. What inspiration! Each entry is meaty with hints (like poly-ing lead-based toys) and fabulous photos, from textural close-ups to full vignettes.
    Reading this gives me new eyes.

  2. Thanks--its great when you're half done before you even start!