Thursday, February 03, 2011

Friends and Finds

 While at Alt, I got to know a whole new set of ladies when we went on a thrift store tour.  They are extremely creative and talented women and we became instant friends. 

We spent the afternoon shopping some of Salt Lake's best thrift/vintage stores, including Abode and Decades (oldies but goodies) and eating an amazing lunch at Les Madeleines, (new to me).  I love food that is intended to be sweet, but twisted to be savory.  I fell in love with the lavender lemonade and rosemary shortbread cookies.  I'm putting those on my summer recipe list.

My best and favorite finds:

A pair of vintage curtains for $2.  I picked them up and put them back.  Then I tried to get the girls from Modern Kiddos to buy them.  They said no, so I put them back.  I walked away, then I walked back.  The end of that story is obvious, but the next chapter is yet to be determined--what am I going to do with them?  Any ideas?  I cannot (meaning I'm not capable of) walk by amazing vintage fabric without buying, or at least touching it.  There, I said it.

A black pitcher (also $2) to add to my white pottery collection.  I do have a few other black sheep in the mix, but I usually gravitate to white.  I adore how the clean lines pop against any backdrop.  Right now they're lined up on my kitchen windowsill.

Finally, a metal box to hold doodads in the little-little's room.  I love the way strong materials (like metal, rich fabrics or great wood) look in a kids room next to their plastic toys.  I think it's pretty.  Thrift stores and garage sales are excellent places to buy metal baskets or boxes.  They're the same ones sold in the vintage shops, only cost a lot less.  I don't usually know what I'm going to do with them when I get them, but they have great functionality and work in any space (any room, most styles) and work their way through my home happily.

Interested in what the other ladies (with fabulous taste) found?  Check out their finds here, here and here


  1. I'm inspired. Love the visuals to help me recreate these fabulous ideas in my own space.
    I can't wait for yard sale season!

  2. Oh sugar! That paisley fabric is to die for. Glad you didn't pass it up. Thanks for the email, we'll add you to our post! xoxo Abode

  3. i absolutely adore that fabric! i wuldnt have passed it up either. u culd do anything from the normal pillows, to baby doll dresses, to table runners, to a purse, sooooo many things! great eye! have you done anything with them? i would luv to see the pix if you have!