Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Made the Leap

I'm a paper and pencil gal.  I can find a pair of scissors, a needle and thread and a sharpie in almost every room of my house, but I carry an old cell phone that I don't even know how to retrieve my messages on.  This leap into the blogging world has me shaking in my (really cute) boots.  But today, I did it (well, really my darling husband did it, but I'll get the hang of it) and I'm happy. 

I've been debating the merits of having a blog for a long time.  I pour over blogs and come to know so many bloggers as they share, but I don't have a way to connect with them.  My friends ask what inspires the things I create and how to do it themselves, but sometimes we don't make it to the how-to.  And my family (too far away) wants to see what I'm doing but the photos never get sent.  And that's what pushed me over the edge--to find, and contribute to, a community of people who love to share.  Sharing what inspires me and hoping it inspires you too.

So this blog is dedicated to the process and outcome of all that is made, by myself or others.  I hope to share my passion for the process of making -- sewing, painting, designing, cooking and crafting; and also my daily attempts to make my days meaningful.  In the end, all we have is what we've made from what we've been given.


  1. What a wise perspective! I love that we are made up of all that we take and and choose to keep. Certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "make it a great day." I think your blog is off to a great start and will rock everyone's socks off.

  2. I know you Dani, and your blog sounds just like the real you! The illustration of the little girl at the top of your page is you--always dreaming up something creative to do. Now you are all grown up and do just that every day--create--with your family, home, serving, environment, volunteering, neighbors, friends, work. Everything you touch has a creative element. Being in your home is "eye candy" and I can't wait to see things posted on your blog. I love what you wrote about "making days meaningful." May we all do that each day in some form or another.