Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Time to Get Serious

Next up is organizing my time.  I want to make sure that my time reflects my values, and that I can get my work done and still have time for play, too.  Also, I'd like to be able to focus on my kids when they get home from school and do projects, teach them something or play with them.  

My schedule is somewhat simple, allowing Mondays for anything food related (creating a menu, shopping, cleaning the fridge and cooking ahead what I can), Wednesdays for deep cleaning and Fridays for laundry and ironing.  Other than that, I just tidy on a daily basis and everything else fits in between.  That's where I get in trouble--being vague.  I have 2 sisters (sorry Charity and Noel) who are super organized and yesterday my sis Kate showed me her weekly plan.  It was very efficiently organized in her phone so she can stay focused wherever she is.  I'll bet you it's hanging on her fridge too.  Anyway, I loved the way she used her values to distribute her time, allowing time each week for the things that are most important to her.  Wanna be a peeping Tom like I was and see what she's up to?

Monday: Food (planning, shopping, chopping, cleaning out fridge),
                Friends (lunch date for me)
Tuesday: Cleaning (general -- bathrooms, dusting, floors)
                 Baths for kids
                 Fix stuff with Paul
Wednesday: Clothing (washing, ironing, mending, buying)
                       Serve someone
                       Friendsday Wednesday
                       Girls/Guys Night Out (a week for him, a week for me)
Thursday: Deep clean and purge (at least 3 hours)
Friday: Paper (bills, letters, filing, following up)
             Work on my calling
             Holiday plans (room mother parties, birthday cards or gifts, menus)
             Date night
Saturday: Baths
               Yard work?
Sunday: Scouts, Faith in God, Personal Progress
               Sunday night movie

Daily: walk Cricket, prepare lunch scriptures (yes, this is our scripture reading
time: a verse in a lunch box -- we can talk about it after school), make beds,
clean kitchen, the general tidy. Extra chores (clean van, put away piles, etc.)
are done by kids throughout the week.

Kind of amazing, no?  But I'm ready, 2012, and this goal isn't gonna take a stinkin' three years to conquer--I'm hoping it's more like three months.  I wish you luck on yours too, whatever you choose.

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