Monday, January 30, 2012

House Tour: Marissa's Dining Room

Occasionally I get the chance to work with my friend Marisa on design projects. Remember Scarlett's room? Marisa is her mama and has great style. Her whole house is classy and I love it all, but I now have a new favorite room.  I recently got a glimpse of her dining room, and I just need to say that I'm in love.

My questions were probably the same as yours:
1. How long did this take you?
2. How did you do it?
3. How (how?!) did you get your husband on board? ( #3 was really my first question)

Marisa was inspired by the powder room in a great little local boutique, dear lizzie. She took the concept and went crazy with a stack of vintage books and a box of staples. It wasn't a quick project (plan on a few days) but it has major impact with the feel of wallpaper and the added bonus of great texture. I wondered about the durability/practicality of this wall treatment (she does have 4 littles) so she showed me how easy it is to replace a page (just tear it off and staple on a new one, under the edge of the one above). Brilliant! As for her husband, he took a little while to warm up (a brave man just to consider the option) but as he saw the process evolve, and the positive reactions of friends, his enthusiasm caught up with the project.
Today's lesson: Be brave and bold as you create the space your family lives in--if it smiles at you, you know you did good.

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