Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Modern Christmas Time Capsule

I love when time can be frozen and a moment can be perfectly captured.  This project captures your family just as it is today, and holds it together for Christmases to come.  I actually did this tree with my kid's classrooms last year as their class decorations.

Here's what they started out looking like:

  Here's how we made them:  Everyone got the chance to bring anything they wanted to represent themselves--little tokens of something important to them.  They took turns placing them where they wanted them on the tree, and I used hot glue to hold them in place.  I used metal tree forms that I picked up second hand, but you could use anything you have shaped in a cone.  When every item was placed, I spray painted them in a hammered metal finish.  You could use any finish you like, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to spray prime before hand.  I was on a time crunch for mine, so I skipped that step. 

What are your family's favorite things, right now?  For us, it would be legos, pencils, cooking utensils, coins for collecting, little toy animals and musical instruments. 


  1. Mine would have car keys, book pages, a dog leash, Twix candy bars, cds, cub scout badges, and a big gold star for well-done homework (I think I'm happier than my kids are when they finally finish!).
    This might also be an interesting place to empty out my boys' pockets and bronze all their found treasures. Thank you for not putting things in your pockets, Annie Blue :D

  2. This is a great idea TOO! family's favorite thing at the moment are tylenol and advil (we all have colds...). Must think about this when my head is less congested.

    Your questions to my photo card project: I came up with this idea and a few others after playing around with my camera and playing cars with my son:

    You'll find a link in that post to the Martha Stewart article that originally inspired me to use my simple camera in unorthodox ways.

    I use PhotoScape (a free download) as my photo editor....I think I used one of the antique photo filter.

    You are right: it IS hard to come by Christ-themed cards!!

    Happy December from Vancouver!

  3. Mine would be lincoln logs with pine needles stuck every which way and a pine cone on top.