Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clipboard Wall

When I have a lot of projects going on, they seem to pile up around me.  I usually tend to have several projects going on simultaneously, and I like to see them at a glance, without taking up any counter space.  Solution found:  a Clipboard Wall.  Each project (ideas for sewing, furniture projects, notes on school projects...) gets its own clipboard.

I hang mine going down the stairs to my studio.  It gives me a quick inspiration and reminder of my projects, without cluttering up my living space. The best part: it's super easy and inexpensive.  Use any clipboards you like (I chose vintage wooden ones) and just hang them on nails.  Wa-laa.

Look at that--empty clipboards.  I must need more projects!


  1. such a great idea!! i'm so stealing this idea! i'm ur newest follower!
    stop by and visit me

  2. Dani, you are definitely the most clever and talented person I've ever known! It took me a long moment to figure out where the heck this room even was in your home!? Hahaha brilliant! I know what I'm doing with my room now ;)