Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Trip to Visit My Sisters

All year I look forward to our annual Sister's Retreat...and last weekend it finally rolled around again.  In the spirit of sisterhood, I've asked my sis Kate to explain our annual get together and why it's so special to us, why it's always a hit, and why someone usually ends up crying (and how that's usually a good thing...)  Thanks Kate!

The five Moore girls, as we were known for years, span 17 years and, at one time, the entire continent (I lived in Atlanta, another sister in Sacramento). We’re newlyweds, divorcees, working moms and stay-at-homers. And still, despite the frantic mental arithmetic of time zones, these are the first people I call when delight or disappointment strikes. When people ask how five far-flung sisters are so tight-knit, my answer is invariably this: The Sister’s Retreat.

(Lain, Charity, me, Kate and Noel in 1986)

Every year we get together, no matter how tight our budgets or how busy our lives are. (The one exception was when we went in together to buy our parents a trip to Alaska as a retirement / 40th anniversary present. Sacrificing Sister’s Retreat was hard, but worth it.)

 (Kate, Noel, me, Lain and Charity at the retreat last year)

Each time we gather, it is in a different sister’s city. We shop or yard sale, depending on the season. We eat copious amounts of food, some homemade (recipes to follow another day!) and some on the town. We put on fashion shows with clothes we’ve brought to swap. We get pedicures or attend plays. Always, always, we talk.
We share our secrets for keeping sane or for keeping on top of laundry. We reminisce about our childhood. Sometimes we confront each other, which leads to both tears and greater closeness. Sometimes we confront ourselves, which leads to both tears and greater clarity. Above all, we redefine ourselves to one another and rediscover the joy in our relationships. 

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